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Ok, I know I should have thought about this a bit better, but for whatever reason, I didn't really pay attention. I took some pictures, but I think they might be set up wrong.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the sequence of batteries should be in a completely similar order, right? I have a 36 Volt / 6 battery system.

So, all 6 batteries should be facing the EXACT same direction, and all 6 batteries should have the negative lead go to the positive lead in the corresponding sequence. So NEG to POS, NEG to POS, NEG to POS, NEG to POS, NEG to POS. So I'm left with the negative on the drivers side, and the positive on the passenger side. (or should it be the other way arround?)

I believe my batteries might have been in an incorrect order which explains to me why they got rid of this cart in the first place. They probably didn't realize that two of the batteries were flipped around.

I'm new to this, so I apologize if this sounds dumb. My only experience with batteries in tandem is in a TV remote control.



I couldn't tell from the pics in your other thread but I assume your batteries are mounted three on each side of the cart. Take a look at this wiring diagram and if that's the way your batteries are mounted I would install them like the diagram shows. Yes the batteries are wired + to -


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I actually have all 6 batteries in a row. But one of the ones in the middle was reversed, which I'm thinking has a lot to do as to why it didn't run.

Thanks for clarifying that for me though...


As long as they are + to - all they way through really doesn't matter. They are placed for the convenience of the cables, so you don't have a bunch of different length cables. Put a meter main pos. to main neg. and tell us what it reads.


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Thanks JRay, I haven't hooked them all back up yet, but I know that when I got the cart, one of the batteries was swithced around, and from the looks of it, the wires were crossed. All of the batteries were completely dead when I first got it. I've been slowly charging them one at a time to bring them up to 5 volts each, and now I'm charging them in groups of two using the 12 volt charger. They each have been showing about 5 volts each at this point. I bought a 36 volt charger off eBay, so I should have them all hooked back up properly by the end of the week and charged (as soon as I get the charger).

Thanks... I just wanted to make sure. I'm sure that's the reason why the cart was ditched. It seems a few things were done rather ghetto on it in it's last year of service.


Here is a little help with batteries for a Ezgo late models.
Top right battery to front left has the + facing the front of cart.
Bottom left to bottom right battery has the - facing front. The two batteries on the right are the main connections.


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Thanks guys, I appreciate all the advice. Like I said, it turns out that when they gave me the cart, ONE of the batteries was flipped around, and all the batteries were dead. It's taken me forever, but I've been charging them with car chargers... hahah... I ordered a charger on eBay but it hasn't shipped yet.

The model I have is an XI875-A which is apparently from the industrial line of EZ-GO carts. This particular model is an emergency medical cart as seen below:


Mine is basically identical to that, except that I don't have a roof, and the body style is ever so slightly older (angled wheel arches instead of curved), and the seat back supports have a lip rather than straight. Something interesting to note is that this particular model is 100% steel. I'd say that less than 2% of the entire cart is plastic and / or fiberglass. All the fenders are painted diamond plate steel with heavy steel framing. The differential is insane, it's a solid rear axle like you might find on a 1982 rear wheel drive Toyota Corolla. This thing is built like tank. And the flatbed is a heavy piece of 3/4" plywood that's covered in galvenized aluminum sheeting on the top (as well as on all four sides). There is TONS of room under the flat bed for all kinds of stuff too.


Anyway, the only reason I mention that is because this particular EZ-GO has the batteries in one straight line running across, all 6 batteries are in one straight line from left to right.

I can't wait to take my first drive, but I'm still trying to get the batteries up to snuff. Then I'll need to repair and verify that all the wiring is correct.

This particular model (as I've discovered) shares the platform with this model:

The difference is that there is no opening on the passenger side, and no seat for a rear passenger on the passenger side. There is sheet metal covering where the seat would be. The footwell is still there, as there's a large open space (for like a duffel bag or something


Ignore me, I'm pretending to be an injured patient. But I'm showing this so you see that there is no back seat for a rear passenger behind the passenger side.