Battery Saver Device Question


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I have seen battery saver devices on the internet and was wondering if they really work and are worth the money? It looks like it mounts onto the cart and most of the feature and benefits listed say the device really adds to the life of the batteries. Has anybody had any experience with these?




I have one, everytime i turned around the batt. were low on charge. I got tired of charging everyday so i un hooked it, do they work? Would think someone should start out with new batt. and use it and see how many years you would get out of a set. Probably be a 5 yr. or better experiment. I only ran it for a few months so i guess i don't know. They hook to the main pos and main neg and draw juice all the time. A lot of these products seem like snake oil to me. but i don't think i ever gave it a fair chance.


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I see a seller and a buyer here.

It's all good.