Battery Revivers ???


I wouldn't waste my money.


I have a BLS in my GEM Car. It really has extended the life of my batteries. I have tried a BLS on older batteries and it does help to some degree. It breaks down the Sulfide deposits back into acid and lead and improves the capacity of the battery. Where it really works good in on a new set of batteries in terms proloning life. I am still running on 2008 gel 12 volt batteries on my GEM and i drive it 300 plus days a year. Everyone else with GEMs are on second or third batch of batteries. Grant you i can not go 25 to 30 miles on a charge anymore but i can stiil get 20 miles on a charge. I am looking into these new CNT batteries to replace them next year. The only down side is that the BLS has to run all the time to work. So maintaing the state of charge is critical as it will run your batteries dead if left unattended. It comes with a swtich to turn it off when in storage.

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I keep a 12 volt battery tender on my 4 8 volt RV Trogan battery,s all the time. The battery,s are now 17 years old and still work good.


Splain please. 12 volt tender on 48 volts? I believe in those tenders, i run them on my mustang and tractor in the winter.