Battery replacement (Mechanical problem)


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I have what I was told is a 2002 Western (Ez Go) 42 volt.
The batteries are bad (Trojan 105).
There are seven of them, four in front and three in the back center.
The four front ones were easily removable.
When the back ones are raised, before they get high enough to slide over the battery partition they encounter a cross bar that appears to be welded to risers which are welded to the frame below and will not come out.
Unless I am missing something it appears Western took the Ez Go frame and modified it for their custom
body with the batteries in place without adequately accounting for the time when the batteries would need replacement.
The fact that the batteries will not come out leads me to believe this is actually a 1998 cart (Batteries are stamped A 8) which has given phenomenal battery service. They were still reasonably strong when I got the cart about a year ago but once they started to degenerate they went quickly. It does not seem likely to me that they should all be bad, and they are, if they were indeed 2008 batteries.

With all that preliminary ranting off my chest, my question is this; have any of you encountered this problem and if so what remedy have you found.

The only option I have come up with is to cut the cross bar out and them bolt it back in place with 1/4" x 1" strips on the front of it. I certainly do not intend to do any welding directly over a bank of batteries. Any better ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Bob, in a quandry


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I have heard of this before but have never seen the problem.
Some of the Elegante models had oddball setups like you describe with 7x6v and 8x6v batteries.
Is it possible to post a photo?
My 42v cart has a cluster of 6 just like the standard EZGO with the 7th battery on the driver's side in the free space.
One more thing, what is the serial number of your cart? It is stamped into the passenger side frame arch under the seat, usually about 11 numbers.


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Good news first!
I did get the batteries out and without cutting anything.
The best I can determine the center rear battery must come out first (slightly more clearance), and I got it as well as the other two out by raising the rear of the battery about 3/4 in. and then lifting the front up and forward. Using that method they came out relatively easily.

The batteries are configured as you indicated for the 42 volt.

The serial number is 20001C13187.

Is the model year somewhere among those numbers?



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Glad you got the battery issue resolved.

I think your cart is a 2000 model.
How about posting a photo of it?

The serial number breakdown on your Western is:

20001C13187. (Check the "C" more closely, it is likely a "0")

First 3 digits, model number 200 (Elegante)
Next 3 digits, month and year 01 (Jan) C (probably a 0) 2000
Last 5 digits, sequence serial number 13187


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The new batteries are on charge.
They tested 44.4 volts off the shelf.
The water level is just over the plates so when it finishes charging I will add a bit of water and take it out for a spin for 20-30 min. and then reset the charger.

I looked more closely at those numbers and I am almost certain it is a 6 that was stamped improperly.
That would make the entire number 20001613187.

I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or so.

Thanks for your help.


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New batteries charged for just over 9 hours before shutting off.
After setting for 8 hours they leveled off at 45.2 volts.

I haven't taken the test drive yet but plan to do so this afternoon.



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Looks like your charger is working well and all things are normal.
I just watered my batteries 3 days ago and charged yesterday.
My charger stopped after 5 hours and this morning my batteries are at 46.0v.
My Trojan T-105 batteries are dated D-4 which is Apr 2004.
Your new batteries will take at least 25 charge cycles to come up to their potential.
Keep an eye on the water and recharge each time you have more than 15 minutes of pedal time.

If your serial number is 20001613187, that would make your cart a 1996 or a 2006 model.
Are you sure it's not a 2000 model as earlier suggested?
How about a photo of the cart and the battery compartment.


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I took the cart out this morning and drove it 8 miles plus 18 holes of golf and the meter was still on the first bar when I returned home. The measured voltage was 44.0.
The charger ran just over 6 hours before shutting off.

I am

I am 99.9% convinced it is either a 96 or 06 model and 96 is far more probable.

I will get some pictures posted as quickly as I can take them and figure out how to post them.



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Congrats on the fix! Glad everything is working to plan.
Posting pictures is easy, just set up an online account for free at or, post your photos there, copy the address and then use the IMG tag and post.