Battery Over Filled


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I've got a Remanufactured Club Car 48V with 6 x 8V batteries. I've owned it for 2 months now and when I leave the cart in the garage overnight, it deposits a small battery acid spot the size of a quarter on the concrete.

When I investigate the underside, I see water slowly accumulating along the frame from the batteries. It appears that the batteries are leaking around the filler caps.

I have two questions:

1) What is the best level for the water in the batteries? At the top of the caps? At the fins? Just above the fins?

2) It appears to me that the previous owner over filled the batteries and I am getting spillage through the caps when I manuver the cart. The acid is playing hell with the frame supporting the batteries. What would you guys do given this problem?

Thanks for your help.


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Do Not do this on your concrete driveway, it will leave rust spots.
To neutralize the acid on the cart and batteries:
1) Spray a solution of baking soda an water on all surfaces around and on top of the batteries.
2) Let stand for 10 minutes and rinse off with the garden hose.

Battery Maintenance:
Recharge each time you have more than 10 min of pedal time.
Never let the batteries drop below 50% charge.
Never add water before charging unless the plates are visible, then just enough to cover the plates.
Only fill the batteries to 1/4" over the tops of the plates.
Keep your cables/connections clean and tight.