Battery Melt down


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I was so jazzed I got my first Cart. it was used but looked like a jewel to me.
it's a 2002 freedom PDS and looked like it was in storage most of its life.
one of the battery had a broken post where you attach the cable and I thought some tried to fix it by soldering it. So I replaced the battery it took a good full charge and I went about showing off. I smelled burning plastic lifted the seat and the battery next in line to the one I replaced had liquid lead around the bolt(+)

I'm extremely rural and have no idea what to do.

I just looked and the batteries are stamped may 02 ???


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I would replace all of your batteries. make sure connections are clean and tight. Sounds like those batteries are OE and have never been replaced.

Good luck...keep us posted!


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Thanks Fabbinman

Your probably right , I just got off the phone with a Trojan Battery Service and he said it sounded like the cable were bad. So I ordered new cables and I'll probably pickup 5 new batteries ....Ouch

So when can I put the wallet away LOL