Battery Maintenance?


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hi guys i am new to the golf cart world..i posted pics of my new cart in the lifted section.
my question is battery maint.
the guy i got the cart from just replaced all the batteries 3 months ago..i am a gearhead so maint
is nothing new to me i just need to know what to do..the obvious is clean the terminals and coat them..what about adding water to the batteries? what kind is best and how often?
i want to get everything i can out of the life of these babies so any info would be great..i have been
reading till my eyes broke down, i am learning lots but want this covered.
thanks so much
We run the carts at our course everyday and we fill them once every month. So if I were you check them once every month or two. fill them a 1/4 inch above the plates, if you go higher than that they will boil over when charging and then thats where you get the corrosion!!!. They say distilled water is best but we use pond water and get 6+ yrs out of ours!!


Pond water LMFAO...

Considering the cost of batteries at $1.00 a gallon I'll stick with distilled water


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cool..thanks guys.
so once a month i am going to pop off all the caps and fill them if needed to about 1/4" above the plates with distilled water. sounds easy enough..


I'll second the distilled water. Out here the well water is hard and has a high mineral content. It will destroy batteries, radiators, plumbing, etc. I think the pond water is a bad idea and hopefully no one really uses it.