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I have a 48 volt, 96 DS stock. I had put new Trojan 860's in last spring. I use it moderately, maybe 10 miles a week. I say new, the date codes indicate they were from November & December of 07.

It seems that the #3 battery requires water every three or four weeks. While the other batteries require occationally. Just checked all the batteries and the #3 required water in 3 cells. No other battery required any.

I seem to remember the old #3 & #4 batteries seemed to boil over.

Is this common for this battery location or should I look for a problem?

Thanks for your help!


Do you have any accessories hooked to the battery pack?

Next time you charge the batteries take individual voltage readings on each battery after the charge is complete, and again after an hour or so of usage. Post you numbers here. It is common for the battery water levels to be uneven, especially if your running accessories off the pack. In most cases it's the batteries that don't have lights, voltage reducer or anything hooked to them that use the water faster.

Check the voltage of each battery and let us know what you find...