battery info


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hey guys!
well i have no doubt a well worn out set of trojans..
i have seen on e-bay a fellow selling info on returning them back to new status????seems fishy!

also, is there a interstate battery that measures up to the trojan specs!
i have a dealer close that would be so easy on shipping!

or: is there a close enough trojan dealer in north east pa. that can sell them? with fuel prices the way they are it might be cheaper to pay shipping! any info would behelpful!


You can check on the Trojan battery website for a dealer in your area. Here's a link, it's on the bottom left of the page.

Shipping on batteries will be VERY expensive so you'll be better off buying local. Interstate has some pretty decent golf cart batteries also.


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if your in northeast PA try kenray batteries every bit as good as trojans but only 677.00 a set tax in........need old batts for cores..........i have installed well over 50 sets of these batteries with out ever having one come back for a problem so i highly reccomend them.................................