Battery failure...


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I have a '99 Club Car, which I've been told in previous posts may be a DS or a 'Series'...not sure which.

I have discovered that something has happened to basically 'weld' the battery cable and nut to the battery post. This has happened at least one other time, probably twice. The batteries are the Energizer brand bought from Sam's. I've previously replaced the cables with what are supposed to be good cables, and I've tried to keep corrosion knocked off and proper water levels in the batteries.

Can anyone tell me what causes this? Improper maintenance? Cheap batteries?

Thanks in advance, and let me know if you need any other info.


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Your cart is probably both, a DS model and has a series motor.
Melted terminals is usually caused by not having the cables clean and tight.
New cables tend to loosen up and need to be retightened from time to time.
It's not cheap batteries, I have been using both Sam's Club batteries and Trojans for the last 10 years without any problems from either. I just upgraded to 48v 5 months ago and went with the Sam's batteries.
Monthly maintenance is required for all batteries regardless of manufacturer.


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Thanks for the reply. I thought I was keeping a pretty good check on them, but looks like I'll need to be a little more diligent.
I agree it is from the high heat from the arcing because they are slightly loose. The higher rate the current draw the more this will occur.

Have you ever tried using a lead washer on each side of the cable ends? On E-bay they run about $1.50 each but there should be cheaper sources.