battery exploded


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recently my cart just stopped going batteries are fully charged. Cart stopped pulling as I was driving so I pushed it home. All battery connections were good so I so I pushed the accelerator to see to see if the motor was spinning freely incase the motor broke the shaft. About the second or third time I pressed the accelerator the last battery exploded in my face. Luckily I was not injured. I was wondering what could cause this just looking for things to trouble shoot before I bring my cart to a repair shop and get raped or overcharged. Any help would be appreciated.


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The gases batteries give off are hydrogen, so any spark can create an exploding battery.
Something would have had to create the spark like changing from forward to reverse, a loose connection, something coming in contact with the battery terminals or even an internal battery short.
Hard to tell what happened but a little more information about your cart would help like model age, voltage, battery age.