battery corrosion


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can someone tell me what causes the battery terminals to build up excessive amount of corrosion that is destroying cables? is there a way to prevent this?
Only top off the batteries when fully charged and keep the fluid level 1/4" below the bottom of the fill hole at max.

We put a 1x4" board under the back of the seat when we connect the charger so the space is well ventilated.

Removing the batteries and cables once a year for deep cleaning and touch up any damage from battery acid.

It seems like replacing the OEM battery cables after 4-5 years is often needed.

Sulfated batteries take longer to charge so they gas longer requiring one to add water more often based on my experience.


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Can we just take a hose and directly spray the batteries? Wasn't sure if that was okay. Leave everything connected, right? Didn't know if it was bad for water to get into those small holes on the battery well covers.