Battery Charging


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At what amp should a powerwise battery charger shutoff? My charger only seems to charge for about 3-4 hours and then kicks off at about 10-11 amps on the ammmeter on charger. This seems to be alittle high to me after reading other posts that say it should go down to about 5 amps and stay there for a while before shutting off. I am just concerned I am not getting a good topping off charge. By the way the batteries are 2 years old and I have checked each cell with a hydrometer and also load tested them all and they check fine. When the charger does kick off and I check the charge about a hour later the voltages are what the state of charge sheet says they should be. Any suggestions?


With good batteries and everything working properly the charger should go down to 0 amps or close to it at the end of the charge. Charging time can be anywhere between a couple hours up to 16+ hours depending on how low the batteries are discharged, age of the batteries or condition of the batteries.