Battery Charger Shuts Off on Club Car Electric Golf Cart


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Hi Guys, I am a new owner of a secondhand 1998 Club Car electric golf cart and have not received any manuals. Please be patient!
When I plug in and turn on the battery charger it takes a few seconds to start charging. Then, it starts to hum and shows about 15 amps of charge.
After a few minutes the battery charger shuts off and the yellow charge indicator (?) light pulses on and off. What the hell does this signify?
Sometimes one of the circuit breaker switches (?) marked 8amp pops out.

What the devil does this all mean? By the way I have used the cart for 3 rounds and it is operating perfectly!

How long does it normally take to charge the cart after 1 round?

Thanks in anticipation.


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the best advice i can give you is to try your charger on another cart and if your charger works ok than its your cart and not the charger and i wouldn't be surprised if you find that your OBC is going bad ( computer ) not uncommon at all on your cart I have changed 2 in the past 2 weeks for very similar problems. The best and fastest way to find out is using the charger on another cart.


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Make sure to post whether or not the charger works on another golf cart as that will tell us what direction to go.