Battery Charger Fuse


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Just recently got new batteries for my cart. Now when I plug the charger in the cart it starts to charge and then after about 5 minutes the fuse on the charger pops. Not sure what the deal is?


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Wrong batteries, wrong wiring, bad connections, low water.
Is the cart 36v or 48v?
Post up the total pack voltage and the individual battery voltages.
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if you find that everything is right its possible you have a bad circuit breaker......but as mentioned go over everything that was done cause its not hard at all to miswire something...................................


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Its a 48v cart. they are the correct batteries and everything else checks out. Havent tested the voltage on each battery yet but I will. Last night i took the charger apart and disconnected the two wires from the 15amp breaker reconnected them and then put every thing back together, pluged the charger in to the cart and the breaker didnt pop. Took it for a ride came back hooked the charger back up and it appeared to have charged all night without the breaker popping. I still think you are right that it may be a bad breaker.


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I've seen the breakers go bad in the CC charger quite a bit. Look on the breaker and see where it was made CC switched to a made in Mexico breaker that's supposed to be better than the originals they were using in certain years.


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I tried another charger but it does the same thing. But now the breaker doesnt trip, the charger shows 15 amps after a few minutes then goes down to 5 amps.

I tried resetting the obc but the procedure that is listed in the forum tells that the buzzer is supposed to go off when the key is turned on and the throttle is pressed, but when i do that nothing happens.

One more thing is that i ran a jumper from the fuse on the charging receptacle to the neg on the battery, plugged the charger in and the charger came on. Is this an indication that the obc is bad??