Battery & Cables


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I've had some issues with my batteries becoming excesivel corroded. I have used NAPA's battery cleaner seems to work okay. Any tricks to keep the terminal clean?
One more thing What gauge cables shoul i be using. I have a 97 EZGO TXT. I think its 36v.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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a good protectant will help. a stock cart will be fine with stock wires. i've found that without removing the wires in question and cleaning between them and the battery and inside the eyelet the corrosion will come back faster.


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6 gage wires are stock but it wouldn,t hurt to go to 4 gage, how often do you clean connections? if you clean on a regular basis you shouldn,t need to put anything on them and the only way to be sure is do them once a month.................................