Battery cables


I'm replacing the battery cables on my sister's 48 volt Club Car. What's the advantage of the larger 4 ga over 6 ga cables? Their cart has a rear seat and head/ tail lights but other than that is stock.
These terminals on the battery are very nasty and the cables became so corroded to the point where smoke comes off of one of the terminals when the acc pedal is pressed. No wonder the cart doesn't run.

Is there a special solution to help clean the batteris and terminals or just some good old fashion scrubbing?


On a stock cart the 6 guage is fine but the 4 guage won't hurt anything. With the rear seat and 4 passengers the 4 guage would be less apt to get hot. You may get a slight increase in torque with the 4 guage, especially when the cart is hauling extra weight. The 4 guage will have less resistance than the 6 guage. I'd go with 4 guage...

For cleaning the battery post use a wire brush. For cleaning the batteries you can use baking soda mixed with water. The baking soda will neutralize any acid on the batteries and the battery rack. I mix baking soda and water in a bucket and slowly pour it on the batteries, try not to pour directly on the caps. Let it sit a couple minutes and rinse with water from a hose (low pressure)...


Any digital volt meter will work for general battery testing. I have a couple of Craftsman digital meters that I use. Some of the cheaper ones aren't real accurate. The Craftsman I use cost about $40.00. Fluke meters are one of the best, but their costly. A hydrometer also come in handy. You can pick them up at any auto parts store...


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just to add, you won,t notice anything if you just change the batt. cables from 6 to 4 gage.........if you want to notice a difference and you will than you need to change all your 6 gage to 4 gage, that means the cables to the motor the, F&R switch the solenoid the controller and the OBC.........once you change them all you,ll notice a nice difference...............................................