HI, new member so I hope that I'll be excused for posting what I would guess is a much asked question. I have to replace my Batteries next weekend, they are the original 6v Champions which are almost 7 years old. I maintained them regularly using only distilled water. Quite simply, the expense is a problem for me at this time, so I have to go as cheap as is prudent. The best deal I can get is at Sam's - Energizer batteries at $78 each. Will I end up sorry if I go with this deal? Or should I put myself in a bind and spend more? I usually play three rounds a week. Any help is appreciated.


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as long as you break them in right and really stay on top of the maintence you,ll be ok with them however you shouldn,t exspect to get 7 years out of them........4 or 5 tops...............