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I have maybe a stupid question. Why not use three 12 volt deep cycle batteries instead of six 6volt batteries? Has anyone tried this, and if so did it make a big difference?


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It will run the cart correctly, but your range will suffer dramatically, and you will wear the 12v batteries out very quickly and need to replace them. Carts use 6-6v Golf Cart batteries for a good reason. It's the best solution for range and cost.


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Thank you very much, thats kinda what I thought. I was thinking of the cost savings, however after checking and charging my batteries one at a time today I have found I have only one bad battery. So there would be no cost savings there. Again thank you for the help.


The only stupid questiions are the ones that arent asked.

3 12 volters dont cut it. I tried it a few years ago and the run time was about 15 minutes.