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I have a 2004 EZGO Fleet. I purchased new batteries and in my haste to get them installed, I put one battery in backwads. Wire everything-up with new 2 ga cables. Thought I would do some testing, so I had it on jack stands. Turned key on and hit the accelerator, and it kind of shuddered a little bit.

Came to the forum, read some old posts, and found on that sounded like my problem. Checked and sure enuff, one battery was backwards.Made the correction and hooked everything back up, and put the charger on it.

Question is, by have the one battery in backwards, and running the motor for 15 to 20 seconds, could I, or did I do any damage??

Any help or response would be appreciated.



I wouldn't think you could do any damage in that short time. I remember something about reversing polariy on a batt, but a volt meter would tell you if that happened.


Like JRay said the battery should be fine. In order for the polarity to change the battery would have to be completely discharged so you should be ok...