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Is it possible to refurbish my 6 volt batteries?
If so, does it really work? To your knowledge.
I need some batteries, but the price tag is so high.
Thanks for you time.


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Batteries used to be made so they could be rebuilt. I can remember when the electricians, where I worked, would take the top off the battery, they were sealed with tar, put in new plates, put the top back on, chink it with wool, which is immune to battery acid and reseal them with tar. Wa La. New battery. Also, I think, that you could drain and save your battery acid, rinse out the battery well, so you get all the residue off the bottom that is shorting out the plates, and, after any particulates in the acid settle, put it back in the battery.


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Messing with batteries can cost you your eyesight.

Just buy new ones. It's part of the deal on a sparky cart. If you take care of them they will serve you well.


Farmers have been rolling batteries around for years breaking the crap loose and hosing them out. Putting in new acid, they said they just don't last very long after you do that.


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There is info on the web that "claims" that you can use a mixture of heated (150 degrees F) magnesium sulfate and distilled water to refurbish old lead acid batteries if the plates are not cracked and it has not been frozen. I have never used it--but I plasn to try it soon on an old tractor battery.
BTW--Mag sulfate is Epsom Salts.