batt voltage question


i just got an ezgo '96 elec cart the batts were repalced last year anyway i had charged them up two at a time when i got it home just to try to get them fully charged after a couple hours they all read 40volts, then drove it 3-5 minutes tops and checked the batteries again and they read like 21 volts,
Is this normal?or i just didnt charge them up long enough?
also i do have a charger for the cart i was just trying something!!


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No it isn't normal. You need to charge the batteries with the carts charger and let it charge until the charger shuts off on its own. Also make sure the batteries don't need water...


ok ill try that, all the batteries have water above the metal plates by 1/2" to 3/4"
thank you
also for the welcome


charging over night helped ran it around for awhile and its stil charged, not sure how many volts meter was pegged out at 50volts. even after riding around a bit
thanks again