Heres the 88 Club Car I picked up for 50 bucks. I'm gonna post pics as I build it. Its picked up the name "Bandit" and I kinda like it.

Old body....Dont ask!!! I dunno..... (I Have a new one in the crate) Stripped and acid washed SEVERAL TIMES!!! My new dash! Front end goin back together.
I should have it on a rollin chassis by this weekend. I'll post more pics of the progress as soon as i get the rear done. :p


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Looking great so far!!! It's going to be better than new when your finished. You look like a little kid here. LOL! :)
Geesh!....seems like evrytime I turn around I'm buyin somethin else for it. :oops: When I went to put the front together I noticed I had different a-arms....(WE CANT HAVE THAT!) Soooo...I bought new ones. :) YEA spriddle I'm shootin for better than new here... Everthing is new on it except the motor.


Simple keep it outta dirt.
Now I understand now a days with high gas prices and increasing global temperatures people strive for a lighter vehicle but cmon unless you have little elves pointing the tires where you want to go you might want to invest in a steering wheel. J/P Sexy frame btw. :naughty:


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They make that stuff in a spray can, it goes on smooth. The polyuerathane that is, didn't realise there was a second page.