bad transmission


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we have an old yamaha electric cart that we use for maintenance at work. in the past 6 months we've taken it to a shop twice because it won't move. the motor sounds like it's revving up but it won't go forward or backward. we think it's about to stop working again. i looked at our repair invoices and the shop charged us both times for a 4260 hub and drum assembly. when i called to ask about their warranty they said they don't have one. so my question is: what is a 4260 hub and drum assembly and is this something we can fix ourselves?

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The hub/brake drum has splines that mesh with splines on the end of the axle. If you've stripped a few hubs you probably need a new axle(s) and hub(s).


4260 is the part number for the cheap EZ-GO hub from Nivel. Chinese crap hub. Dont let them put another one of those in there. The part number for the OEM EZ-GO hub is 14174. It is more expensive. About $24 more. Now the next question would be why they would be doing this to a Yamaha? Are you sure it is a Yamaha? I am showing the part number for an old Yamaha from 1992 and up to be 4265.