Bad Boy Buggy Shifting Issues


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Sorry if not in the right place but didn't know where to post this question. I am trying to help my father-n-law on his 2013 BBB Ambush iS Hybrid. The rear is driven by a gas engine and the front is driven with an electric motor. The issue is that when operating it on gas, and in forward or reverse, if you try to switch to neutral, it will stay engaged in said gear. If you go all the way to the opposing gear, it will shift to that gear and hit hard. I had borrowed it to go hunting and it was working fine. Then it just starting this problem. It was not driven in any deep water or mud. Any help would be appreciated. There are no dealers around or places that will even look at it.


There is a shift module somewhere in the dask, I would make sure the connections are clean and tight. Sorry I am not much help but I have only seen one of those and that was the problem.