Bad Boy Buggy Restoration Project.


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Hey Guy's I am brand new here. I acquired a 2007 Bad Boy Buggy restoration project from my mother in law. It needs new batteries obviously, and has not ran for several years, also has some corrosion on the metal from the batteries. I'm gonna take all the batteries out first thing and put 4 12 volt batteries in to check that the motors function before dropping 1200$ on a new set. I am pretty proficient with wiring and welding, just wondering if some of yall would recommend where to start? It came with the charger and i know it functioned about 4 years ago her husband past away and he used it at his deer lease a few times. it mainly sat in a shop not used since new. One bad thing is the guys son took it right after he died and let it sit outside for 2 years and never did anything with it... now its my project.. Would it be a bad idea too disconnect the front motor as im not really gonna need 4wd or will it be more efficient to leave it hooked up?


You can check the motors with one 12 volt battery or a 12 volt battery charger. There's instructions on motor testing in the resource section of the forum. As far as eliminating the front motor I don't know enough about how the Bad Boy Buggy's are wired but I'm sure someone else will chime in.
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I also agree not to disconnect anything until you have at least tried it and hopefully get it running then you can start deleting stuff or disconnecting