Bad Boy Buggy Help


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I recently picked up a Bad Bog Buggy for free and need help. It has been sitting in a storage unit for 5 years. It had new batteries put in it the year it was put in Storage.
First thing I did was check batteries they were bone dry from sitting so filled them with distilled water and put the charger to them. Next day I checked them they were bubbling and showed full charge. Checked voltage on each battery I’m getting 6.3v on every battery. Turn the key nothing would work and no clicks from solenoids. So I replaced both solenoids and then turned the key and they clicked and the cart now moves. Problem is it’s super slow and almost seems to go faster in reverse than forward. I checked the controllers for fault lights but both controllers are solid green with key on. I also took the switch off the side of the throttle pedal and made sure it was clean and it looks brand new. Also checked fuses they were good.

Any idea what direction I should go next?


Seeing how the batteries were sitting dry for 5 years I would start with checking the battery pack voltage while driving the cart. If the batteries are still good it might take a few charge cycles to get them to be usable again but chances are good they're shot.


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You said almost seems to go faster in reverse find out for sure get a GPS app on your phone


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If this is a series setup it most likely would not go faster either forward or reverse unless it has a low speed reverse setup, if so its wired wrong.
they usually have a forward reverse contactor