Bad Battery? EZGO RVX 12 volt T 1275's


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After charging and unplugging charger and setting overnight battery voltage is 52.2 volts on my EZGO RXV.
3 batteries are in the 13.25 range
1 battery in the middle of the pack is at 12.7 volts
Have drove the cart several times and charged batteries up after usage and unplugged and plugged back in to try to equalize a couple of times.
Is this one battery a matter of concern?

Thanks in advance . Norm in Arkansas


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Yes I would say one battery is bad I would say you're overcharging the other three your voltage should not be 13.25 somewhere closer to 12.9 and I think you need a new meter you can't check them right after it's charged


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Thanks for the reply Diode
I just read one of your earlier posts about using the motor as a load . So i just ordered 5 digital small meters for my panel . One for overall battery voltage and one each for the 12 volt batteries. That way i can see all the batteries at work
Used the cart for some yard work this morning (maybe 20 minutes run time) and went grocery shopping at noon . cart been sitting since . Just checked voltage
51.0 overall
12.9's on 3 batteries
12.38 on the one that has had low voltage . Could it be the low battery is telling my EZGO charger to keep charging? It does shut off wit a solid green light.
Looking at the chart HOT ROD posted It looks i am fully charged on 3 batteries and about 70% on 1
I have 3 digital meters A FLUKE and 2 or 4 other middle of the road meters. Also one analog meter to cross check the other meters if in doubt , so I believe my meters are good . Of course if you have one or recommend one for cart use , I am listening
. And of course the 5 others i have coming for my panel that should help keep track of the batteries in series.
BTW no lights or anything taking a load on just one battery. Batteries are clean as a whistle and posts coated with that red stuff, NOCO i think its called .
Cart working good now, just want it to stay that way .
I have not driven it more than a mile at a time yet .and it stays steady all the way. I will get on that battery before the long drive around the neighborhood .
Thanks for the tip on using the motor as a load . And Thanks everybody for all the help and tips putting me on the right Track.

Suggestion ! Get a 30 day or even a 10 day guarantee when you buy a cart that has no problems

Norm in Arkansas


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So from this last post you have 50 volts when running static charge just sitting there no load means nothing

Patrick L

Yep, I agree. To continue along that line, I'd like to see static and running voltages on each battery.