Bad Batteries?


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I'm definitely a newby when talking about my Club Car. It's a '90 something, green 4 seater, 6x8volts. When I bought the cart about 4 years ago, it was only good for 20-30 minutes, max. More weight in the cart= less running time. Agreed, but only 20 minutes. It's gotten worse, full charge = 10 minutes. I'm not stupid,I know it's the batteries. They were used when I bought the cart 4 years ago, and 1 leaks,1 is always below a good charge and the rest look like crap. I'm going to spring for 6 AC Delco 8 volt, deep cycle batteries cuz I have a contact with ACDelco. $95.00 as opposed to $129.95 for Trojans.
Two questions: is there something else that could be bad, causing the batteries to go dead? and is AC Delco a good battery for the cart? Thanks in advance, SuperMike.


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More than likely new batteries will solve your problem with run time. As fas as AC Delco batteries I've never used them If you do go that route make sure they are golf cart batteries. If you have Sam's Club in your area you can buy a decent golf cart battery for around $75 each.