Backfiring Through Carburetor When I Go Fast


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I need some help on how to adjust the carburetor on my 1996 Club Car DS FE 290 engine. It is backfiring through the carburetor when i go fast. I just had the coil done by Club Car and they said they dont know how to adjust them. They put new carburetors on customers golf carts instead of adjusting them. Please help me out. Also the hose that goes from the air box to the carburetor is soft on one end and hard in the middle and other end is that normal?
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Have you adjusted the governor at all? If you have it's possible your hitting the rev limiter.

The only fuel/air adjustment is a low speed mixture setting (#3 on this diagram). Turn in until it stops and then back it out 3/4 - 1 turn. I doubt that's your problem. Make sure the air cleaner box and all of it's connections are sealed good.



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I agree with HRC since you said that you were having this problem while going fast back off on the accelerator and run at what you may think is a normal speed and see what happens. If you do not have the same problem then you may need to adjust your governor back down a little or disconnect your rev limiter if you want to have that much speed. You better keep an eye on your rpm's if you do could cause you some costly problems. get back to us if this does not help :hattip:


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Hi All, First off I apologize for hijacking this thread but I couldn't figure out how to put the carburetor diagram in my post.

I have a 1992 Club Car that I am working on for my father in-law. In other words this is my first golf cart repair job. So I got the cart that had the flywheel cover removed and it had no spark. I cleaned up the flywheel and reset the coil and finally got some spark. I decided to clean the carb also because that is a good thing to do. I have noticed that item number 4 in the above diagram is completely plugged. What I am wondering about is it supposed to be plugged off from the outside atmosphere. If it was mounted on the inside of the carburetor I would definitely clean it out, but it is mounted from the outside of the carb and I am starting to doubt my knowledge of carbs. I guess the old saying "measure twice cut once comes into play". Cartaholics is a great golf cart forum and thanks for any help.


#4 is part of the carb vent. I dont think it should be plugged. You might want to wait for someone else to verify this.