back tires wobble


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i have a 1996 club car ds model non lifted cart both back wheels wobble when driving i checked the lug nuts they are on correctly does not look like the rims are bent can someone give me any ideas!


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Jack it up and run it. Pay close attention to the rim. Is the rim wobbling? Or is the tire wobbling? If its the tire, you may have to bust the beads and rotate tire, reseat the beads. This is what I see 9 times out of 10. If its the rim wobbling, take the rim off and clean the mounting faces good. When re- installing, put lugs on by hand and take them in hand tight then slowly wrench therm down till tight. And try it.


Bent axle? Jack it up and turn wheels by hand to see how true they run. When you have a cart on jack stands and run it you will see some wobble, nature of the beast.