Back room?

I see alot of people here, but not much on the threads. Is there a back room for people with so many post to see? Nothing wrong with that just would like to know..........if so I need to get to that number to see what is going on!...............Rod?.............Thanks


Dam, I never got to any back room. It was before my time or i never had enough posts to get there before it went away. Its all good, don't need a back room. Keep it all up front. We all need to get back to golf carts and forget all this back biting stupid :censored:. :thumbsup: :hattip: :usa:


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
No back room? No wonder no one showed up. I have been waiting in, what I thought was, the back room and wondered where everyone was. Well, I won't go there anymore. Although, I always have been a back door man. :naughty:


Cartaholic - R.I.P.
BTW, World's Fastest Golf Cart, you can still get that post count up. Just go to the General Forum, talk stupid and you'll fit right in.

Go there and try to post with any sanity and no one will understand.

Of course, no one there understands me, and it's starting to get under my skin.