ATV powered?


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Anyone here ever try swapping in a ATV motor into a golf cart? I was thinking about swapping a small ATV motor from a belt drive IRS quad into a cart but still use it as a golf cart so it would have to be very quiet. My other thought was a 25HP or so honda motor and a tranny out of a polaris (I think the tranny and motor are still seperate in the polaris)as well as the IRS out of one. as for the front suspension I was just going to use one out of a 400EX. 3

Anyone ever try something like this?



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I have a Melex cart with a 2004 honda recon frame and powertrain under it with 26" executioners tires, and it is a blast


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had a ezgo diamond plate flat bed that we cut a honda 400ex quad in half and stuck the motor and swing arm in the back and the front ams and coils, spindles and frame up front. ran good, had to shorten the body by a foot and cut out almost every bit of diamond plate cuz it as heavy as hell. gave t to my brother in-law and then came up with a side by side design for another 400ex motor that is going to get worked


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Nice pics. Very nice looking work on the cage in the second picture.

Feel free to start a thread with pics and details on the carts
I'm sure the other members and myself would like to here about it.