ATV Parts Swapping to Golf Cart


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Hi all! I am going to try and start a new project on my 2000 EzGo TXT. The cart was formerly electric, but I have put in a small engine, and ran a chain to the rear diff. It works fine, but I’m having issues with the chain so I am looking to swap it. I have seen a few builds where people take the motor, and rear end of a quad, and merge that with the golf cart. I’m thinking of doing the same. Essentially it would be cutting the four wheeler frame right where the handlebars are, and then connecting that to the golf cart. I am wondering if I would need to put a lift kit on the golf cart, or not. If anyone has done such a build please show me some pictures. Thank you all.


It's been done by members here on the forum. There should be pictures in the threads they started you'll have to search to find them or wait for someone else to reply to your questions. Welcome to the forum.