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Ok, I hope I'm getting everyone's attention. I've got a 98 CC DS Series 48v cart.
6" lift, 25 " tires, rear seat. I'm looking for someone to get me into a kit just like this one from
Buggies Unlimited.

I like this kit cuz it appears to be the most complete that I've seen. This cart will be used
for serious off-roading, so that's why I want power/torque.

I'd really rather support 1 of our forum sponsors if I can. So get back to me soon so I can get this baby done. Thanks for your help!


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I've got the canopy, Rear flip seat (black cushions), front cushions covers in black,
Headlight/taillight kit, fender flares and front push bar going on next.


I just wanted to follow up on this thread and say thanks to Todd at Golf Cart Outfitters for taking care of xiler8d on the motor, contoller, cables, forward and reverse switch, etc...


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Definitely, g.c.o. was really helpful. They were really happy to take care of a fellow cartoholic. I'm getting the best name brand D&D and alltrax parts and a great price. wait til I het the stuff and install it. I will keep everyone updated.
Thanks again everyone the that helped and give golf cart outfitters a call if you are looking to upgrade.