Are V-twins vulnerable to the elements?


Looking at my Kawasaki today I began to think there could be a potential for damage while off roading due to mud and water seeping in through the unprotected air filter and into the engine. Have any of you guys with big blocks had this problem? I was thinking about making a snorkle setup with the air filter in the Workhorse's bed. Could the extra long snorkle intake restrict air flow to the engine?


Well a friggin grass seed just cost me over 100 bucks and two trips to the honda shop. It was in the main jet on my carb. The only time that mine has been run without a filter was in my garage. Go figure...


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I would definately recommend getting the air filter up and far away from the potential dirt/mud. I have a 04 ezgo txt 4x4 with an 18 hp vtwin honda. The air intake is in the cab on the engine compartment panel. The air intake noise is bit to loud for me and I want to reroute the air intake somewhere else. I just have to figure out how get it up higher to a snorkel or something. I have the canister air filter and it seems to filter well. That's a sweet looking big block you have there acegolfcartguy. I don't know if it would help you but I'll take some pics of my canister set up if you want them.


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Let me back up a bit. This is not a custom conversion. It's a stock ezgo, but it is a bigger block vtwin. I plan on mods, that's part of the fun!