Are the 87 and 89 EZGO Freedom the Same Wiring Diagram


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I bought a EZGO repair manual on e-bay ( CD ) version I thought it would cover my 87 freedom but I guess it only covers from 89 and up, I'm wondering if the electrical wiring diagram I found on this disk which is for a 89 work on my 87 resistor type? When I purchased my cart last summer the wiring was jerry rigged because he didn't have a key for the switch. I replaced switch with a new keyed switch it runs but I'm not sure if the whole wiring is correct or still jerry rigged. Any suggestions besides buying a $65.00 owners manual off e-bay. I also installed headlights and the new key switch has a 4 post to accommodate headlights, the cart has aftermarket taillights they sometimes work right now NOT working? I would like to wire it up correctly so everything's working properly! Someone have a suggestion? thanks much


I'm not sure if the wiring is the same on the two carts you mentioned but you should be able to tell by looking at the diagram in the manual if it's the same setup are your cart.

As far as the lights go, if they're working intermittently it's more than likely a bad connection somewhere in the lights wiring.


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Thanks very much for the info I will try and figure out the wiring,but kinda hard since none of existing wiring match the color coded wires in diagrams.
windfisch in these cases I try to start with the most easy to figure out or are more clear from the diagrams. Do Not trust any color coding in jury rigged wiring.

Volt/Ohm Meter ($12 at WM in the automotive section) will help in figuring out the kind of mess.

Let us know how it goes.