Are My Batteries Getting Overcharged?


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Hello everyone. Brand new to the community. Thank you for any assistance in advance! I don't want to burn my house down! So I recently got an EZGO TXT 48. Not sure on any more identifying information than that...

It apparently hadn't been charged for a long time and initially the charger couldn't recognize when plugged in, so I filled water to above the fins, and had to manually charge a couple batteries at a time with my automotive 12V charger (which is not fun with a modern "smart" charger) until it read a high enough voltage. Eventually got the charger that came with it to start charging. It's a FormCharge 48V 15A smart charger with only two indicator lights. Was checking on it periodically until I went to bed, and everything seemed fine. Woke up the next day and there was a pretty thick smoky haze in the garage and a smell kind of like a blown capacitor. The batteries were making a very loud bubbling sound. I immediately opened the door and took the charger off. Charger was still showing charging before I unplugged it and the cart measured around 51, 52V shortly after removing the charger. After driving the kids around for a while it measured 50.3V. I put the charger back on while I monitored it closely and it was outputting around 57V. After a while of still not shutting itself off, I removed it and after the voltage settled it read 51.2V.

It's holding charge really well and load testing is fine. Runs and drives great so far. I just don't want to overload and explode the batteries. The chart on this site says I'm above the 100% charged level. Should the charger be shutting itself off before it gets that high? Is it possible the smoky haze and smell was just a by product of charging from completely dead and no ventilation? Or did I almost burn my house down?