are all cart parts places like this?

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Let me warn you this is a long post.

OK I have not been on in a while, nothing new on my cart.
Especially when it comes to bad cust service in obtaining parts.
Started out I was given this cart for free; now maybe I understand why.
The crt was an abandoned project, the PO could not get it to run right though he put alot of $$ into it, trying. I know that some of you are local so I will say that I got the thing out of Peotone IL.
1st stop; Mikes Service Center in Watseka. I was down there one day and saw that he had several out there for sale so I figured he may also be a good parts source. Wrong.
He seemed cool at 1st, we looked thru this thick catalog to see what he could get from a company called Nivel; and I asked hin about fenders and such he directed me to the back of his lot where he had a bare frame and body sitting; it was rough but more fixable than my fiberglass; I asked about it and he said that if I took the "whole thing", $20. remember this is a bare frame and fiberglass. no engine gas tank rear end wheels steering electrics nothing.
I was in my old plymouth Fury so I had no way to haul it I figured i'd come back with my truck.
I have been back 3 more times hoping to get it and talked to him via phone several times since and always an excuse; busy, ground too wet to get the bobcat back there, snow etc;

one day I was in there and asked about ordering some parts; gaskets, seals and such; We looked thru teh Nivel book and he took my # and said he'd get them ordered and call; still could not get that cart. All that was good to me was the front fenders. thats IT.

A month goes by, I call him, ask about my parts. He tells me he never ordered them because he needed a deposit. Cmon now he's 40 freakin miles from me and I was THERE standing in his shop not just ordering via phhone; why could he not have said something then?
so I had to make ANOTHER 80 mile round trip to PAY for the parts he ordered; certainly not $63 worth.... the one crank seal I believ was $14. Ridiculous. reed plate gasket $5.00? is that paper gold trimmed? this time I get his son who looks thru the book w/ me and remakes the list his Dad had now 2-3 months prior, all the while grumbling about my wasting time on such a relic I oughtta buy a newer cart. WTF? He puts me in the computer prints out a work order and everything.
so now nearly another month and he calls me saying they are in; I just called him to see if he could dig out that parts cart; (it rained here last nite pretty heavy)
his response? It's not happening some junk dealer is giving him $100/ea for his junk, and claims that I kept lowering the price. BULL$#!T> I never changed the price; I called it like he did and only repeated the price he gave me! so now he wont sell me the parts cart for what we agreed on but I gotta go on another 80 mi round trip to get my ordered parts. what a load of crap. Never again buy there.
Meanwhile I E mailed Nivel and asked directly what they had for my cart that I'd get it from them; their response was that the guys around here (one more story coming) were their dealers and that they would not sell to mee I had to get what I needed thru their dealer. Bull$#!t again I hate companies that don't think guys like us are "worth it";
So one day on my way to my mom's house i was headed thru Peotone and stopped by the cart place up there; and as soon as I told him what I had, Oh that's Todds cart; why don't you junk it"? (he knows the PO and has for years) I have 50 newer carts here you can buy W-T-F????

Is the place in Braidwood, any better?
I know a place in Valpo Ind that has one that looks like it was run over by a semi out back and he also thinks it is gold; no worthy body parts but spares for the clutch engine gas tank and such if I can get it for a decent price which I doubt. and that too is 70 miles away; i ain't running my 12MPG truck out there at $3.65/gallon for a wild goose chase. I happened to be by there one day and "the guy" wasn't there but his assistant seemed to think it would be alot; "the guy" called me like 3 weeks later wanting an "offer" but it didn't sound like scrap price would touch it, even though that is basically what the thing is.

so the question; anyone in the South Chicago suburbs down to about champaign worth anything as far as cart parts? I got another story this one long distance; basically the guy's sister was gonna be there for Xmas and lives in Champaign and offered to send stuff back with her (from Georgia I think) and suddenly fell off the face of the Earth 2 weeks either side of Xmas; and E mails me a month later saying "he went hunting" and wants $100+freight for the parts I am after.. BULL$#!T again! I am about to give up if everyone in golf cart land is like this! I want to fix this thing up. It runs just needs a few gaskets and such, I have a good deal into it myself already, most of this BS is over a left fender that I need. the PO fiberglassed it (knows nothing about the craft) and really made a mess of it; let's bolt a piece of sheet metal to bridge the crack with a dozen 1/4" nuts and bolts and then 'glass over the nuts and bolts....
I dont like mail order since I don't believe in PayPal and refuse to give anyone a credit card number by computer, sorry. Money order thru the mail if I can't be there in person. and I cant see what I am buying; wrong parts, photoshopped parts that are worse junk than what I have already, made to look OK, or pix of the one "next to it" that ain't for sale, (but "just like" the one I'm buying); yeah I have had issues when I havent been able to do stuff in person.


Mikes Service Center in Watseka and Rolling R in Peotone are both VERY high on prices. Beaver Creek in Braidwood is a decent shop. The guy also has a huge place in Joliet. The Braidwood store is mainly used for selling carts and the Joliet shop is where he stocks most of his parts and actually builds the custom carts. You can order parts from either location. If I was going to buy a part locally I would go to Beaver Creek but his prices are also steep.

Most online sites have better prices and are much more reliable though. The best part about ordering from one of the sponsors here is you never have to leave home and you will get a MUCH better deal...


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sorry but i have to say something.... not sure if this is the same guy and if its not then its at least to people that have complained about not being able to buy for the wholeseller..

there are reasons for that its not that your not good enough

if the wholesellers sells to the public that takes away from the retail shops that spend money for websites, rent, insurance, advertising...

most wholesellers would tell you who you can buy from in your area not sure if nivel did that to these 2 guys....

like Hotrod said theres are a few sponsors here and many other online stores that you can order and get a better price and never have to leave the house.....

i have order many things for customers that come in the shop with out a deposit and there has been issues..

so we get payment in full or part before we order anything for anybody....

good luck your your project

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Like I origoinally said though; I have 2 problems with doiung alot of stuff that could do via online sources;
1) I despise putting y CC number out over the Internet. I know that the "bad guys" may already have it but why should I unknowingly hand it to them?

and 2) Spending good money on something that winds up as trash=throwing my money away. I am on Disability I have to mke every single $ count. I cant afford to be buying product not as described etc and then be told "too bad" I prefer to deal in person whenever possible.
Sometimes it comes from simple misunderstanding that my description of the part I mean or "my" name for something isn't the "right name but I have bought that way before and got exactly waht I ordered but what I got was misrepresented in quality and was sometimes worse than what I had (even in cases where what I had was "nothing")
They take a pic of a different unit and pass it off as "theirs", they use exposure and sunlight (or dim light) to make stuff look better tahn it is etc; doing business face to face avoids those issues.

I am headed down to Mike's soon as I finish this post; I am taking my truck to give him 1 more chance to make good on what he told me last Fall; I aint payin $100 for a carcass when all that I can use from it is the left fender and center nose cone. especially when he told me $20. It costs me $25 every time I drive from Kankakee (actually Limestone, Hot rod I know you know the area) to Watseka; I have over $100 out in GAS going back n forth to Mikes already. If he don't make good I may be posting for bail because I an sure gonna let him know how I feel about the runaround and the reneg job he is doing on me.

I went to Martin's Lawn n Garden off of 80 a couple weeks ago and IDK if I could find it again but when I left I saw a Harley cart "just sitting" in someone's yard not that far from there, I know nothing about it other than recognizing it as a Harley and that from the road, buzzing by it looked decent. I may have to come home that way from JJC and see if I can find it again and pay them a visit. I have too much in this one to bail now.

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OK; a little bit of an update; mike's in Watseka did make good on things, I had a good conversation with him when I got there. I guess he had just gotten "burnt' by a guy that ordered/didnt pay and he has a pretty good sized pile of parts he's sitting on (IDK what sort of parts or for what brand of parts) and I guess that I kinda got "caught in the crossfire" and coincidentally ordered my parts about the same time as this was happening and they started a "no parts ordered w/o pre payment" policy just about that time; one part they "couldn't get" there was a refund in an envelope already in the box for that part before I even got there; they didn't know I was coming down today which was more honorable than some places can be...

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I was in a bit of a "hurry" when I typed that last response (that happens when you have a teenager tugging at your shirt and saying "Let's go")
but I told the guy that I was not happy being that I was here in person and WE went thru the book to find what parts I would need and he said that he would order them; and then like a month later, I call HIM; and get that response. That he should have said something about pre payment, while I was standing here in person; NOT when I called later, expecting them to be in; I made the comment how gas was $20-25 every time I come down there and back; and how he should have "grandfathered" my order in, since I did order in person and obviously before he decided to implement new policy;
he said something about having a whole shelf full of cables and such ordered over the years that were never pd for; I asked if maybe any of them would fit my machine, I'd buy them to relieve him of the overstock, and gain worthy spare parts for it.

On the parts cart (the only real part that will do me any good as is, is the left fender)
but the body is certainly "fixable;" if only because someone has not put a strip of metal along a crack and bolt said strip to the fender with 1/4" bolts and then 'glassed over it; this body is rough but unmolested; I may take advantage of that, and do some customization; cut some pieces of 4" PVC on an angle, and 'glass em in for lights, and such.
I still have the orig body that I can still fix up "original," I think I can cut sections out and glass em in from behind and make 1 good body from the 2..... I amy be able to redo them both. once I peel all the "band aids" (unsaturated fiberglass cloth that the PO didn't soak in resin just slapped the cloth on, and ran a brush full across. ) I have done alot of fiberglass work over the years I just forget how "gelcoat" gets applied; is it put on 1st within a mold? this body could use a fresh coat once it gets smoothed again. when I did 'glass in my high school days I didn't do the gelcoat part of the process; I used to go over and help out this old timer in the garage after school.

being as hard to find as these carts are getting I will fix up a set of fenders a body and a center nose cone; it will be worth the cost of a gallon of resin and a pkg of cloth; but I may still look for a good "virgin" body once I get the thing back to running.

I keep forgetting to stop by this one golf course I worked at back in the 80s to see what they may happen to have laying around from the good old days...... they had alot of harley carts at one time. it's up by where my Ma still lives.


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gelcoat is sprayed into the mold first them they put the fiberglass over the gelcoat from the inside of the mold. just becareful when you buy it, most gel coat will not dry if its exposed to air, you'd be better off just useing bondo on the dips, where you see cracks just sand down to raw fiberglass, then primier with a high build primier (found at autobody supply places) then spraying your finishing coat. trust me, gellcoat in a serious PTIA

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sorry I haven't been on in a while; I have a 73 and also now an 81; both gas powered 3 wheelers; the 73 is steering wheel the 81 is tiller bar.