Anyone know how i could mount a 4 or 2 cylinder...


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engine in my G1 like a motorcycle engine(2 cylinder) or a Jap engine (4 cylinder)?

That would be pretty excellent.

I mean like has anyone done it, what engine should I use?


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you could pretty much use whatever... i've seen a lot of stuff. just need to weld new motor mounts in and weld a sprocket onto the rear axle


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you could put just about anything in. but you wont have reverse i got a old marathon with a 440 kawasaki in it that im parting out now. they sell a atv rearend that has revearse in it for 250 bucks do a jackshaft typ setup and you could put in what ever fits.not alot ov room for anything big though. i seen a tow cart for a dragbike team . that had a kz 1000 motor in it ,skys the limit.practical motor whould be a snowmobile motor with reverse though,


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Here is a pic of a 399cc twin in my G1.