Anybody ever buy a electric club car off ebay?


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thats a toughy, while there are plenty of things i would buy off e-bay i don,t think a golfcart is on the list........just my opinion and most of the time its not worth may be able to find a better deal by just going to the local golf clubs in your area to see what they have and what shape its next door neighbor just bought 2 gas yama,s for 700 dollars like that and he got 2 really nice carts that are worth 3 times what he paid for them and he got to test drive them and look them over real well.................just a thought.....hmm thinking again thats why my head is pounding....................................................


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Perhaps I am spoiled, but living in Georgia where all three primary manufacturers are located, it is easy to locate a wholesaler who buys directly from the manufacturers from their offlease program. To my knowledge none of the manufacturers sell direct to the public, but to licensed wholesalers only. As an example I bought a 2004 Club Car DS for 2500.00 this past June and I got to select it from 10 on hand. I bought it with new tires and batteries and they cleaned the frame for me. Price included charger as well. I don't think they gave it to me free, so subtract price of tires and batteries and you will get an idea what the cart was sold to me before upgrades and estimate some sort of profit-so I estimate they paid 1200.00 to 1500.00 for them to the manufacturer in a lot of 10. These came from a NJ country club so you can figure on limited winter use. I saw documentation on club's location. I understand the leases range from 2 to 5 years and generally start in early Spring, so you normally find offlease carts in early Summer. I will buy somethings on ebay, but an item that I would want to drive first is not one. Good Hunting.

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I bought mine from E-bay a couple of years ago. I paid $1200 for it and haven't done anything to it other than custom stuff (lift kit, tires, lights, mirror,ect) I did just because I got a good deal on them put a new set of batterys in it. I paid $300 for a brand new set of Trojan, that was a deal I couldn't pass up, I think the battery pack that was in them would of work for many years yet. Mine was a 2001 and I bought it in spring of 2005, I think I got a very good deal and it was super clean when I got it.


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I have sold several carts on Ebay. The key is lots of pictures. Identify the age of the batteries. Watch out for carts that have front end damage. It is easy to hide front end damage in pictures. Sometimes carts have hit a tree and need replacement tie rods, spindles, and A-arms. Usually this is not a problem if you plan on installing an A-arm lift kit. The Battery Life Saver work very well for reviving old batteries. As long as there is no dead cells, it works great. No need to replace the batteries. Let me know if you need a battery saver. I found a source with a great price. Where are you located? I have a good source for carts too.