Another charger question


Ok, I just replaced my NEW board, with ANOTHER new board on my total charge III. The charger cuts on fine, but will not cut back off until the full 16 hour cycle has run. I've tried this with two different sets of batteries, same result with each. I've also hooked my old original Total Charge up to both sets of batteries, and it charges fine and cuts off when the batteries are full, as it should, so that tells me that it's the Total Charge III.

Last night I plugged it in, and it ran until I unplugged it. When I unplugged it the ampmeter had been registering 0 volts for a couple of hours. My question is, when the ampmeter is registering 0, is there enough current going into the batteries to damage them? I know the ampmeters aren't real accurate, but I can't figure this charger out, and I don't want to ruin a set of T105's by overcharging them. If the ampmeter is registering "0" does that mean it's puttling little or no current into the batteries?


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hello jeep, do you have a multi-meter? test the pack when you first plug it in "after" you run it, write down the volts. and then again when it hits 0, write down the volts. then unplug it and test it again after about 20 mins. to see what the volts are, another thing, are the batts boiling over or feel very warm when the charger is on 0? let us know what you come up with


Just to update, sent the original board back to ebay seller, who sent me another board out. Same result. I've got new plug, new recepticle, new cables, batteries that work fine with another total charge charger (which logically eliminates a bad battery) and the thing will still run for the full 16 hour cycle after I plug it in, regardless of the charge on the batteries. If the batteries are lightly discharged and I plug the charger in, it will run for 16 hours.

I've kept the batteries topped off with an old Lester manual timer charger through the winter. Like to get the auto charger working for the season.

Anyone know who made the OEM boards? The one I got on ebay was a Red Hawk brand. I've seen some advertised that are made by intercoastal. Who made the original charger boards?



I believe the charger is made by Lester. I'm not sure if they make their own boards though. Lester has some troubleshooting diagrams on their website.