Analog Battery Charge Indicator


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Analog Battery Charge Indicator (24/36/48 volt)

BU#METANL24V (24volt)
BU#METANL36V (36volt)
BU#METANL48v (48volt)

Stats- Analog battery meter

Review- If you own a electric cart I would recommend some sort of charge indicator. I perfer this one for a few reasons. One it's cheaper and Two it will show you the load on your batteries when you stomp it
. Which will show you if you have some battery issues. One fall back is its not lit which with alittle work you can add a L.e.d to it. It does not take really any power to run. It can be hooked up to your key switch or to the batteries its self. It can also be mounted using a bracket or you can cut a 2 1/8" hole in your dash to mount. Final thoughts its just something nice to have and it adds something extra to your cart.


Rating 7/10