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thank you for your imput. I reset the valves, the right way this time. checked the compression at full throttle. 142 and 144 pounds then started it it ran like a bat out of hell for about 1 minute, then when I let up on the trottle spit oil and gas into the air cleaner box and so much it sucked some in the carb and died.... so I drained the oil. let out about two quarts, heavy in gas probable 50/50 oil is a guess. so then in my thinking it had to be coming back from the fuel pump. it is hooked up correctly, but I couldnt really figure out how to tell if gas was backing into it with it off. so I hooked up a makeshift tank and it ran fine for the few minutes that i had gas. NO blowback through the vent tube at all........ so am i on the right track with the pump??? can it be rebuilt or do you by a new one? I took it apart and looked at it simple rubber valve looked ok.... please advise thank you


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thanks for taking the time to do the testing, it really helps narrow it down. i agree that a pin hole in the diaphragm in the fuel pump will suck gas into the block, but its not real common. i also agree that the carb float maybe sticking, when you added the temp tank the fuel was gravity fed and so the lack of pressure would help slow the leaking past the needle and seat.
HRC is right
give the carb a good cleaning and blow out the fuel lines and install a new filter and try it again. if that does not correct the problem then rebuild or replace the fuel pump.