Alltrax SR400 Controller


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@Perez88, I just completed an upgrade of a resistor controlled '86 EZGO Marathon to a Alltrax XCT500 controller. While not exactly the same, it should be very similar. What questions do you have?
- Is your current setup resistor controlled?
- Did you receive the correct controller wiring diagram for your controller/application from the vendor that sold you the controller?


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@Zman the instructions I received are pretty vague and don’t give a step by step on how to swap. And like I mentioned above, I am starting from the ground up. The charger wasn’t even there so I have to figure out the complete wiring of this whole cart including the key switch and the forward reverse switch and cannot find anything about those two either


This is as close as i can get you for a diagram. You are going to need a throttle switch assy, If you have the mech. Forward and reverse switch and use it fine. If not i would recommend going to a electric F&R switch and solenoid.


  • DOC110-040-B_DWG-SR-EZGO-PRE-1994-WIRE-DIA.pdf
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