alltrax controller

trying to install a 700 amp alltrax controller onto my factory 92 ezgo marathon. the directions on the alltrax controller call for an orange, white, black, and red wire to be connected to the four small connections beside the led light. the problem is that my four wires arent those colors. how do i make sure i dont get these four small wires crossed?


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is not anything with the alltrax directions that might tell you that? if not and someone here dosn,t know my suggestion would be to call alltrax tech support so you don,t ruin your controller..............................


Do you have 2 black and 2 white? Go to and click on documents tab, there is a wiring diagram to help you pin point which wire goes where reguardless of wiring color. Just make sure it is for a 92 ezgo with your old style of controller which i assume is a curtis . Make sure if you are upgrading motor too that you get a heavy duty solenoid and F&R switch.