Alltrax Controller Question

I'm installing new Alltrax controller on 92 EZGO Marathon golf cart and have a question. The new Alltrax contoller has 4 pin out contacts while my old controller only has three. My three are black, white, and blue. I know the black and white wires are for the throttle and they go on pins 2 and 3. the blue wire leaves the controller and goes to the solenoid. Which pin should the blue wire be hooked to on the new controller, 1 or 4? Wiring diagram says that 1 is for key switch and 4 is for 1/2 speed reverse. i have tried to find the wiring diagram for a 92 EZGO online but have not been unsuccessful.
I talked to Alltrax tech support today and they said the blue wire goes to pin one, the EZGO Marathons dont have the 1/2 speed reverse. It is an Alltrax AXE controller, thanks for the help.