AllSports 6" Lift Wear Items?


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2010 Club Car Precedent, converted to LSV (lifted ?) 2014, 100% neighborhood / beach use.
AllSports 6" Lift, 23" Tires on14" Wheels, MadJax Flip Rear Seat.

Looking for recommendations on wear items such as Bushing Kits, Shock Absorbers, and any other items / tricks for the suspension / undercarriage?
Where / what to get?

How do I tell if the Cart has the longer driver side Brake Cable? (Brakes seem to be touchy)
If the Cart needs the Brake Cable upgrade, which Cable should I get?

Cart generally seems to run / drive fine, a solid 23 mph on the flat w/2 adults.

Thinking new shocks would be beneficial, want shocks with good value, that will work properly w/the AllSports Lift, and not break the bank, not going to put $1k Shocks on a 10 year old Cart.



As far as the All Sports lift goes you can get any replacement parts directly from them. If the shocks are bad I would probably just get new OEM shocks. You can cross reference automotive shocks if you want to stiffen the suspension up.

Check the u-bolts on the rear springs if the loosen up it will cause the brakes to be touchy and lock up. If the cables are tight you can remove the hangers at the front of the springs to get some slack in them.


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Did you ever figure out the touchy brakes?
'Checked out the rear end, everything was good n snug,
the (4) U-Bolts, Spring Hangers/Shackles etc... 3 leaf springs in the rear.

Per Hot Rod Carts suggestion, I removed the brake cable hangar on the driver's side, seemed to relieve a little of the "touchyness",,, going to put some miles on the cart, and decide if a (1") longer cable could be more of an improvement.

Guess I'll call AllSports and see what they have to say about replacement parts?


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HeatWave - did you ever figure out your shocks? I can give you a NAPA number for my DS, they worked great, not sure they are the same, but you could probably do a little premeasuring and tell