All Sports Ultra 10" Lift Kit


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I am installing All Sports Club Car DS Ultra 10" lift kit on a 2001 gas golf cart. The instructions are not very clear about the rear lift. I was wondering if anyone has installed one of these and if you might have a pic of what it's supposed to look like finished. I'm assuming I need to use the rear OEM leaf spring shackles at the rear crossmember. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Will post before and after pics when finished


I'm pretty sure you use the stock shackles on the All Sports 10" Ultra lift kit for a Club Car gas golf cart. If you have any questions give All Sports a call, their customer service will take care of you.


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Its funny what I know about All Sports lift kits but yes they are known for using the oem shackles on their Club Car lift lifts, which is a good thing. The blocks that came with your 10'' kit are a lot more stable than any extra long shackle to get your cart that high.

But for you guys that read this post & say but wait just a minute, My All Sports lift kit came with extra long shackles. Ill explain your question over in the EZGO section.