Alarm System


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I'll be reviewing the Hornet 740T Alarm system used in a cart.

Circuit City # HORNET740T

Stats- Hornet 740t alarm system with shock sensor.

Review- This has been a good and easy to install alarm system and seems able to handle any option that you could ever want to install in a golf cart. It comes with a bump/shock sensor which can be mounted in almost any spot in your cart. It also has a VERY loud siren that if it goes off you will know it. You can have your lights hooked up to blink when its armed and disarmed. This alarm comes with 2 remotes that seem to have a very nice range. Alarms are not going to keep anyone from taking your cart but it sure turns heads when you walk away and arm it (chirp chirp). I would recommend this alarm only as a coversation piece and a slight amount of protection.

Price- $69.99

Rating 7/10